Wednesday, October 31, 2007

6 Facts & A Pumpkin Patch

It's like, enough about SIDS already!
(Here is Gracie at her very first pumpkin patch. It was 95 degrees but she didn't seem to mind. We were afraid she might be scared of pumpkins likes she's scared of balloons but she seemed to be just fine.)

I was tagged by my sweet cousin, Ashley, and I thought you might all like to get to know me a little better. After all, who doesn't? :)

1. I LOVE Football. Like LOVE football. I yearn for football season after the Superbowl is over and I am giddy when football season is here. Poor Robby is not a football guy. He has to put up with this obsession of mine and has learned to do it surprisingly well. My mom is the one who got me into football, actually. All growing up, football was on TV on Sundays and the sound of the crowd is so familiar and wonderful, it was inevitable. I'm not extra knowledgeable and I really only know the popular players. I really just enjoy the sounds and sights of a good football game.

2. I'm not embarrassed to say 'Sex' in public situations. I think most people who know me already knew this about me and I'm sure I owe most of you an apology. I don't even know why I do this! It's some kind of impulse I have and Robby has had to learn to deal with this, too (poor guy). My dad, being a doctor, always answered the questions I had about sex, probably pretty technically, so I knew about a lot very early. My best friend Amy blushed every time I said 'Sex' and, being 7, I got a big kick out of it. So if I meet you for the first time and say something inappropriate, I am SO sorry. I really am working on it. But sometimes, it's just easier to say the word everyone is dancing around.

3. I love cleaning supplies. Whenever I go to the store, I walk down the cleaning supply aisle just so I can smell the wonderful fragrances and look at the pretty bottles and colors. I like to spend 3-5 minutes doing this and that's about all Gracie gives me when she's with me, anyway. Plus, I can't get distracted so a time limit is required. I have a particular obsession with Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The brand name. No off-brand is allowed in the house.

4. I prefer the great indoors. It's not that I hate the outdoors, inside is just safer and easier. I am not a camper. Robby is a big camper. I feel so bad that I can't do this one thing for him. One day, when our kids are bigger, we will all go on a family camping trip. But for now, I will stay inside, boycott camping, and do some cleaning. I don't see anything wrong with that.

5. My favorite movie is The Ref. (Actually it's a tie between that and "Rosemary's Baby".)It includes Dennis Leary and Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey is one of my all time favorite actors and he does a great job. His wife is played by Judy Davis (if you saw the movie about Judy Garland's life, she played Judy Garland) and she does a really great job. If you don't watch Rated-R movies and don't like constant swearing, this movie is not for you. Otherwise, you will get a BIG kick out of it.

6. (Brace yourself. . .) I hate The Dave Matthews Band. This does not mean I hate people who love them. I have been forced by more people than I can count to listen to them. I said to one person that I didn't really like them and they looked at me like I had just confessed a murder. I realized then that you do not tell people who like them that you don't like them. This is also something Robby and I have in common, thank goodness.


Abbie said...

With the Dave Matthews band, I always feel like everyone is in on something that I just don't get. So, yeah, I don't like them either.

Martha said...

I love the Ref also. My husband and I would watch that so much before we had kids.. It is so very funny. I don't like the Dave Matthews Band either..

Lyndsay said...

I laughed out loud at the "DMB" comment. I have to agree. :)

Tina McKinnon said...

I don't even know who Dave Matthews is!!! So, that's how far out of it I am!
Great picture of Gracie and saw one of her from the Halloween activities on Karen's blog... way cute!!

Kelsey said...

I like a lot of DMB's music, but I can easily see how people wouln't be into them. Anyway, it was fun to get to know more about you, and I particularly liked learning that Gracie is afraid of balloons. That's cute.

The Holmes Fam said...

I knew about all of those things except the cleaning supplies??? You are a woman after my own heart! The smell of cleaning stuff was especially appealing during pregnancy, it would ease my nausea for some reason. I wish we could watch the Colts game together this weekend! Do you think we could arrange a conference call for the duration of the game? :)

the landreths said...

So fun to read about you! Thanks for being a good sport :).

KatieJ said...

I love doing laundry for the sole reason of smelling all the detergents and fabric softerners! And Ajax is my favorite- I scrubbed my sink daily when I was pregnant with Emma just for the smell. I hope that didn't do any damage...