Monday, October 29, 2007

My Mistake

My sister, Hill, actually attended the SIDS Conference
so she corrected me and gave me some important information
I thought everyone might like to know:
". . .we learned at the conference that putting babies to sleep on their stomach is not a cause of SIDS. It can be one of many environmental risk factors that, in combination with their age/gender and an Abnormality of the Brain stem Serotonergic System (which we have no way of knowing about beforehand), could possibly make them more at risk, but, here's what one of the research professors on the panel of experts said: "these risk factors are not causative." (meaning they don't cause it). "some babies die even without these risks."
And, one of the last things this professor said was: "We don't know with any certainty that risks played a significant part in the death of an individual baby." He was referring to the risk of a baby sleeping on it's stomach specifically when he made that comment. So I just wanted to make sure you know accurately what we learned about and that this isn't a cause of SIDS.
Also, another thing I learned is that they are hoping to eventually be able to identify babies that have this brain stem abnormality and then develop a drug that could treat the abnormality while a baby is in the critical age period and thus hopefully prevent SIDS altogether. They said that this is decades away, but they are getting closer and this is what they are working on right now."
I guess the moral of the story is it will not hurt your baby to sleep them on their stomach. That was something very valuable to learn at the conference.


huffmire fam said...

Thanks for putting this up, Mel. I also wanted to add that even though it's not a cause of SIDS, they do still recommend putting babies to sleep on their back as they are still doing research to figure it all out. Also, at the conference they emphasized two other things I thought I should share: - Avoid soft bedding. Don’t have blankets, pillows, stuffed animals in babies’ cribs while they sleep. - Avoid bed sharing. The medical examiner at the conference in particular emphasized how risky it is (for reasons other than just SIDS) to have your baby sleep in your bed or on the couch with you or older siblings.

Hope that's helpful. And I have to add that I love this pic of little Gus getting ready to surprise you and flip over. :)

Kelsey said...

That's such a cute picture. And thanks to Hillary for sharing the risk of having your baby sleep in bed with you (which is something I've been doing... oops).

Emily said...

I read somewhere that since the American Pediatric society started the "back to sleep" campaign that SIDS incidents have gone down something like 70% and though it's not a cause, that it is a huge factor. Is that not true?

melmck said...

There is a huge scandal going on with medical examiners and SIDS. They put something other than SIDS on the Cause of Death for purely political reasons and so that they can say the SIDS cases are reducing. It confuses so many people.

I do believe that research has helped in reducing SIDS cases, which is something I learned at the conference, but as far as medical examiners are concerned, they don't seem to know what thye are doing when determining the cause of death.

Like I said, it's a huge scandal. Luckily, at the conference, there are honest people there that do want to lower the SIDS rate.

I think the SIDS rate has gone down, but this information does not come from Medical Examiners.

If you click on the button on my side bar, down at the bottom, for Daily Strenth, you can read more about it. If you want, I can send you a link that will give you an article to back up what I've just told you.

KatieJ said...

I have heard from a lot of people that their babies will only sleep on their stomach- and so they do! A baby's got to sleep, (and their moms too!) We only have so much control over things like these and it doesn't do any good trying to think about what you might have done differently, or if the outcome would have been any different.

Karen said...

Won't it be nice, some day in the future, when we can meet face to face with our loved ones and our Heavenly Parents and say ... "Now what was that all about?" I've got quite a few questions myself.

And by the way, I just told Kacey yesterday (after watching the Patriots and before I knew what next week's schedule was) "Those Patriots need to play the Colts!" This is going to be a great game!

I'm glad you got to go have a good cry with "your girls" and I'm glad you're back.

crazy lady said...

Mel, thanks for sharing all that valuable info - I thought you said you only attended about 20 minutes?! You came away with a lot - besides great bonding time with your fam. Wish I could get that much out of 20 minutes at a conference. I usually attend the whole thing and then go away andcan only remember what I ate.

mrs. r said...

great info. thank you for your dedication and education.

Oscar said...

Thanks for all the information and I am glad you got to spend time with the girls in your family. You are so strong and I appreciate you sharing all this information.

AmyK said...

Thanks for posting this Mel!

Personally .. .I just don't buy into the whole SIDS thing. I think my son (and yours) just weren't meant to stay here.

When you're older they call it "dying from natural causes". But when you're an infant .. they have to call it SOMETHING so they came up with SIDS.

My son was with my babysitter. She had a son born with respiratory problems so she was a pro at taking care of babys who stop breathing in their sleep. He was on his side, hard bed, no blankets, you name it. He had just been to the doctor and was "perfect", he had an autopsy, NOTHING was wrong with him. So they call it SIDS.

But I know the truth :). My baby was perfect and didn't have to endure this world. He stayed here just long enough to touch my life yet not long enough for me to get so attached that I couldn't survive losing him.

And that's my two cents .. errr probably more like ten cents :)