Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Spirit

The extent of our Holiday Decorations:
Our little Christmas tree atop our TV console.
And, of course, football into background.
(Sure, it's the Patriots, but they weren't playing well which made me feel good :)
The wreaths.
I keep them inside so I can enjoy them
instead of random passer-byers.

The Holiday Countdown.

Last, but not least, our little mini stockings.

We got these right before Gracie was born and love them.

I recently purchased one for Gus and will be sure to take the final pic.

See! You can live in Arizona and have the Holiday Spirit!


Karen said...

Atta girl!

Leigh Anna said...

wahoo!! Christmas and Birthday time!!

Martha said...

christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it.. I love your little stockings.. I need to hang mine up if I can just find them

Tina McKinnon said...

Most excellent!!! Good job, Mel! Makes me almost not dread the season! xox

Amber said...

How pretty! I wish I could get into the spirit and actually do some decorating around here. I have tagged you, directions are on my blog. I know you've been tagged before, so how about six facts about!

huffmire fam said...

I LOVE the decor! That's so fun! Makes me wish I had my own place to bust out the few decorations we have, too. My favorites are definitely the mini stockings. And I'm a fan of the mini Christmas tree - I've always wanted one of those.

Angie said...

Great decorations! As long as you have football on the tv, what more do you need? Our fam really is football friendly, wouldn't you say?

KatieJ said...

I love that you put the wreath inside- I wanted to do that but was afraid to put another nail in the door! But now I might... I also liked your 12 packs beside the TV- where's the Dr. Pepper??