Friday, November 23, 2007

Love Me Some Gracie

Words She Knows: Bah-Pah (Grampa), Mama, Dada, Yeah, No (which also counts as Nose), Boo Coo (Blue's Clues, complete with hand motions), Bah-tik-a-bah (her most popular phrase), and other various nonsense no one, not even me, understands.
(This only makes me feel a little bad being the mother as the mother is the one who is supposed to know what their own child is saying).
She also knows the sounds and pauses during the alphabet but not a single letter (except O, of course not in the right place).
She will say 'aaaa' (as in Ape) but that's pretty much all I get our of her.
When I try to get her to say 'Ruf Ruf!' like a dog, she just laughs.
When Robby tries to get her to say 'Vroom Vroom!' like a car, she says, "Oooo! Oooo!" a little accentuated in the middle.
So, when you meet Gracie, she'll jibber jabber your ear off and it won't make a bit of sense and I will not be the one to translate. The only time she includes me is when she wants to say nose and she looks to me and grabs mine.
When she's looking at me and talking very seriously talking her nonsense, I just say, "Oh, really?" during the pauses and that seems to work fine.
I'm curious as to how anyone got child to start speaking coherently.
Any tips?
Gracie and I are both getting very frustrated.
Thank goodness she's so cute and thinks I can do no wrong.


KatieJ said...

She is so cute! I can't always understand my kids either :)

dean and chelle said...

You are so right with the "Oh really?" thing. Every kid I've ever done that to, it works like a charm every time. They feel like they've been understood and that's all they care about. And treats. They always care about treats.

AmyK said...

When Ayanna was a baby no one could understand her but Ashlee. Seriously she would babble incoherently and Ashlee would look at me and say she said ...... like I just should have known. She also would get REALLY mad at everyone and say a bunch of jibberish and then poo poo cat ... needless to say her nickname was poo poo for a long time :)