Friday, November 16, 2007

Morning Hair

I don't think I've ever seen her hair so discombobulated in the morning.
Don't worry, her head is lifted off the pillow so it's not contributing to the height at all.
It's really that huge today, with a couple little off-shoots
that can only be seen with the naked eye.
On a side note:
Am I a bad mother if I still give my 23 month old milk in a bottle?
I don't do it every day, just once in a while when the sippy cup is too frustrating
and she's already frustrated from being stuffy, which she is today.
(I hope her pediatrician doesn't read this blog.)
We still put her to bed with a bottle but it has water in it
and she can't sleep any other way.
Any weaning ideas?
Gracie's teeth are counting on you.
Congrats to Mike & Stephanie!
Stella was born today!


Leslie said...

my dentist hubby would say that as long as the night time bottle doesn't have milk in it, her teeth will be fine. it's the milk bottles and the unbrushed teeth that lead to bottle rot, which is totally disgusting.

i would tell you don't worry about the bottle. she's still a baby! :) you may have trouble potty training (when the time comes) if she's still having a drink at bedtime.

and her hair is so cute. :)

Are We There Yet? said...

I dont know about the bottle weaning, but if you get any good ideas, please share them. My almost 21 month old daughter still gets a bottle before naptime and bed time (she drinks them and finishes them before she even gets in her crib.
sometimes on rough mornings I even sneak her a bottle

dean and chelle said...

Since Dean and I don't have any kids, I can't give you any advice about bottle weening. But I can tell you that Gracie's hair rocks in that picture. She could be half Jamaican.

Kelsey said...

I simply put all Chloe's bottles away. She was weaned around 14 months, I think. I figured that if she got thirsty enough, she would drink from the sippie cup. I guess my logic worked. But she never had an emotional tie to the bottle so...

But I'm sure eventually Gracie will want to use a "big girl" cup. When she's ready, she'll probably do it on her own.

Martha said...

Mel -- I gave Lizzie a bottle for a long time too.. It is a comfort thing I guess. You aren't a bad parent. Hunter gets a bottle at naptime and bedtime also.. Plus he uses a binkie too.. So if you think her teeth are getting bad I don't know what to call Hunters than.. lol.. Don't worry she will wean herself... Just if I could get tips on Lizzie sucking her thumb

Karen said...

The ONLY way that I was able to get rid of the bottles, was to let my babies cry ... which was ridiculously hard when I was a single Mom and me and Keaton shared a room! It took three days ... and then they were done.

I know it's hard, but I also know that the longer they're on that bottle, the harder it is to give it up ... just like adults I guess.

Good luck!

Lauren said...

What a darling picture! I love that you used discombobulated. That's an amazing word!

AmyK said...

When Ashlee was a baby I had the HARDEST time getting her off the bottle. We were living in Missouri and I was such a wimp I would give in. When she was 2 we moved back to Arizona and one day my mom told her the bottle broke and that was it, she never wanted one again. Seriously, that's all it took was her seeing a broken bottle and "uh oh broken!". So as soon as Ayanna hit 12 months I put her on the sippy cup and tossed the bottles so I didn't have to go through the weaning hell I went through with Ash ... Our first is always a "learning experience" :)

emidinkl said...

I know nothing about weaning, but if you could just write down all the answers as you get 'em and then slip them to me, that'd be great. I could sure use the cheat sheet over here!
P.S.--Gracie is so dang Yummy!

Cathy said...

I bet me and Gracie could have a bed head war. Ever since I started embracing my curly hair I've had some pretty awesome mornings.

MARIE said...

Wow, way to use the word 'discombobulated'. I think that's the highest syllabled word I've read all day. ( :