Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now THAT'S a Car

Here is my baby.
A 2000 Mistubishi Mirage my dad purchased for me when I was 16.
The deal was he would let me pick out my own car,
and I had to agree to take Prozac regularly.
(I was incredibly hesitant at starting any anti-depressant at that time.)
I still take my daily medication, including several additions.
And this little car has stuck with me through all the highs and lows
(and held on to the good thoughts while I was grounded and couldn't drive her).
Now that we have a great new car (that I absolutely LOVE, by the way),
it's time to sell her to a stranger, unless someone I know is interested.
She's great for boppin around town and has the prettiest alloy wheels that
my dad let me pick out for Christmas one year.
They really make the car.
Thanksgiving is on Thursday!
Here are my assignments:
Candied Yams
One Plain Jell-O
One Fancy Jell-O
A Pie
Whipped Cream
I will be performing for Robby's entire family so a fancy Jell-O recipe would be appreciated.
And in the spirit of Thanksgiving:
Today, I'm thankful another baby made it safely into the world and lives of people I care so much about. I can't wait to see her!


Jess & Josh said...

You could always try to make a jello brand cheesecake. its easy and its no bake. It only takes about 4 minutes to put together and then you stick it in the fridge for a couple hours... you can top it with the fruit of whatever flavor you chose or you can just leave it plain on top. I have made it lots and its a big hit!

Abbie said...

Jill Stoddard posted my favorite Jell-o recipe here.

Martha said...

Hey Mel - We are looking for a car for us to drive Paul to and from school and work..With the gas prices going so high I just hate him driving our van and paying 60 a week for it.. Just email and let me know.. Thanks so much!!

Martha said...
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KatieJ said...

Good luck selling your car! My mom makes a rainbow jello- it has like 1o thin layers and it's really pretty, also, my friend this yummy strawberries, angelfood cake, whip cream, jello salad. Let me know if you are interrested in either of those and I can get you recipes!

Karen said...

Melanie - you crack me up. "Fancy" is never a requirement at our house. Just do whatever you would like and it will be great.

Lauren said...

mmmm Yams...I am in love.

dean and chelle said...

Your dad bought you a brand new car when you were 16!?!?!?!? Dang, you are one lucky chicka.