Friday, November 2, 2007

October 21, 2007. . .

. . .to prove I didn't make her put this hat on after I wore it the other day. She found it in our closet and proceeded to do the following:

There are several quirks about Gracie that this picture possesses and even more this picture doesn't. And since this blog is called "A Little Bit of Gracie Lue", I thought I should share some things about our funny girl.

1. She loves hats and likes to turn things that aren't hats into them. For example, the cascade bucket we use for bath time.

2. She is remarkably strong (as illustrated by those deltoids on her shoulder). When I change a poopy diaper, I hold her arms down with my feet, otherwise she would be grabbing everything in sight and I do not have the strength or speed to keep up.

3. When she drinks out of her Nuby cup, she turns it upside down (it is currently upside down in the picture). Every time! I have no idea why she does this, especially since there is no difference in the mouthpiece whether right side up or upside down. As you might have guessed, this has made cup drinking very difficult. When she sees a cup to drink out of, she flips her head back and dumps every last drop of the contents of the cup on her face. Then, sucks in a huge breath of air as if she didn't see this coming. What a cute little weirdo!

4. When she is ready to take a nap or go to bed, she finds a bottle on her floor, brings it to me, grabs her pink blanket, and goes to her room to wait by the crib for her bottle to be filled with water. It's very convenient on those days when I am out of it, mother-wise. I wouldn't be surprised if she started making pancakes like Matilda one of these days.

5. There are little holes on the hem of her blanket that she sticks her finger in like a nervous tick. It's just easier to find the hole for her when we lay her down since it's so dark. This is also how she carries around her blanket during the day.

6. She likes to make things kiss (go here for a good example). She may or may not kiss you if you make the ascending "mmmmmm. . ." sound and move toward her. I would like to say she will for sure kiss you, but she has a mind of her own, and selective hearing. If she wants to hear her name, she will. If she wants to run into the street into oncoming traffic, she will.

I also thought you might all like to see Gracie's new favorite thing to do. . .


(Sorry there is no sound.)

We are saying "One, two, three, Jump!" She tries to jump on the floor but can't get off the ground so we thought this would be a good option as a trampoline scares me. You can see how her tactics would not work on solid ground.

Today, we might go to the park, if the weather isn't above 90. Her infection is better, thank goodness. A special thanks to my dad for being patient with my phone calls of shrieks at her condition. He said every time on the phone "You just have to give it time." and I'm sure I called him 6 times yesterday. It turns out, he knows more about yeast infections (even over-the-phone-toddler ones) than I do.


crazy lady said...

She's a smart little thing and if you have the nuby cup turned down it won't block your vision. And I KNOW she doesn't want to miss a thing that is going on around her. I Am impressed with her muscles!

The Holmes Fam said...

First of all, Robby's marathon costume? HILARIOUS. Is that his real hair all grown out? Please say no. Those shorts are gettin' up there, buddy! Nice. And Mel, Phil will be so proud you camo'd up for the big H-day. I can't wait to show him these pics. Love you! See you at Tanksgibbing?

Tina McKinnon said...

Dang! She's a cutie pie! Hug her for me!

Kelsey said...

That was a very cute post. Isn't it funny how they have their own little quirks? And I see a future gymnast practicing on your bed...

emidinkl said...

Mmmmmk. I LOVE quirky kids and she is just about the cutest one out there. I know Gracie is a little bit older than Morris, but I plan to try and get them together is say... 16 years or so? Its chic these days to go after an older woman anyway; )

Mrs. Dub said...

dang! i wish i had those arms.

she is definitely one cute kid. i mean, every mom thinks her child is cute, but it's nice to know the world agrees, right?