Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Christmas Season

Lilly and Gracie are extraordinary at getting into mischief and somehow even better at it when we aren't paying any attention to them.

We've been doing our best to keep the Christmas Season alive here at Gpa Gma Holmes house. We got the tree up and have constant Christmas movies going. It would seem Gracie is trying to sabotage the merriment as she broke 4 ornaments in a period of 2 minutes after we got the tree up. Luckily, Gramma Holmes doesn't care one bit and laughs right along with the girls as they destroy things, for the most part.

Our Christmas agenda is as follows: Today, wrap presents. Tomorrow, Robby arrives. Friday, sledding. Saturday, Casey arrives. Sunday, family sings in church and we have our own family program. Monday, Christmas Eve, eat at a Chinese restaurant. Tuesday, Christmas!

We are all having a lot of fun and can't wait for everyone to be all together.


Leigh Anna said...

Merry almost Christmas friend...are you still going to be down there for your birthday?

Stephanie said...

cousins are fun. but daddies are better. i'm glad robby will be there tomorrow!

emidinkl said...

What fun traditions!