Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Perfect Christmas Card

Thank you to Karen & Gary and all those involved to help us create the perfect christmas card. This could not have worked out better if we put her head in a photo of a Santa sitting.
I married into such an amazing family! They bring Santa Claus to your house and that includes the stocking with presents! Whatever Santa gets paid is not near enough.
Unfortunately, this is not our actual Christmas card. That was taken last weekend and will be distributed posthaste.
So, we had this wonderful, magical evening with Santa Claus and Gracie could not have cared less. She was standing there when he walked in and he might as well have been the mailman. She reacts more when Robby walks in the door. While all the kids were gathered around Santa, she was out playin in the backyard with a flat basketball. I don't know what this reflects on me or my parenting skills but it's extreme.
It's December, already. It's the end of the year when you start to think about things. That's no good for my situation. I want to declare a month of rest. No "working through problems" or overthinking every situation. It's been a big year and I think an entire month is required for recovery. I could be way off here and at the end of this month I may have lost my mind.


Abbie said...

I think Gracie's too little to understand Christmas still. It has nothing to do with parenting at all. And I think it reflects great on you that she is excited to see her dad, but not excited about seeing a stranger.

emidinkl said...

Hey-- I agree with Abbie. I don't think it's such a bad thing that she doesn't automatically associate Santa as the focus of Christmas. You should pat yourself on the back!

P.S. The Santa in your photo is my family's dear friend. I would agree. Santa doesn't get paid enough. A years worth of work with only cookies and milk for payment?

Jenna said...

That is the best looking Santa I've seen in a long time, and his beard is REAL! That makes me feel good. I love that Gracie chose a flat basketball over the excitement of Santa. Don't worry, she'll be lovin' Christmas in no time. Just be glad she keeps herself so well entertained for now!

Karen said...

Um, I don't know what emidinkl is talking about ... that was the REAL Santa! He came by special invitation straight from the North Pole. He said that it was a bit warm, but he enjoyed the McKinnon Madness. I'll be posting pictures of the event soon.

Emily said...

I wish I could figure out a way to keep Santa in Christmas without him becoming the focus for my kids. Love his beard. And don't you love it when your kid gets so excited when Dad or Mom comes into a room?!!

huffmire fam said...

Awesome! This pic is fantastic. I can't believe you got such a great shot. I seriously did think you put her head in a photo of Santa before I re-read your first paragraph. I just haven't ever seen Santa outside a mall-type setting I guess, and I couldn't believe Gracie was sitting on his lap. This is a winning pic.

I'm in FULL support of the month of rest. I don't think you're way off, I think you're right on. No thinking over or working through anything needs to be gotten done this month. Just rest, I say. And maybe make some cookies and gingerbread houses with me and the rest of the fam. And also consider doing a little sledding down the stairs of our back porch with me, like we used to,(except the stairs off the back porch of our house in Provo are a lot steeper and more numerous than the ones we used to sled down in St. John - and they lead to cement instead of grass - all of which could put a damper on things :) ). I can't wait to be in the same place with you so I can support you (and join you) in the Month of Rest. Love you, sis.

KatieJ said...

That is a great picture! And what an awesome Santa! Next year Gracie will totally get Christmas and it will be really fun!

emidinkl said...

Hey. My bad. Karen is absolutely right about my comment. He IS the real Santa. I was just trying to say that the real Santa happens to be a very good friend of the family. Thats all. I'm sorry if I confused anybody. Cause we could all tell that he is FOR SURE the real Santa.