Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Betty The Upredictable Waitress

The Olive Garden is my all time favorite restaurant. I've had many wonderful experiences there with many wonderful people. It's not Robby's favorite place to eat but he always finds something and never complains. Last Saturday, we had our first date in a while and had a gift card for Olive Garden so we took advantage.
Now, I'm all about customer service and good waitressing, but the lady serving us had an attitude I've never dealt with before. I had to write down her quotes as they were coming out of her mouth because it was so out of the ordinary.
Our first experience with this woman, Betty, was when she asked for our our drink order. She casually leaned on our table and said, "I'm on my way to the kitchen. You thirsty?" (I promise I'm not exaggerating a word of this.) Caught off guard, we gave her our order and Robby said something to the affect of, "Well, she's fun."
Then, we overheard her talking to one of her other tables and heard her say, "Lookin' good. Feelin' good?" I put my hands in my face thinking we had a long night ahead of us.
She came to get our order and was relatively normal at that point. When she brought out the soup and salad, every time she would set something down, she'd say, "One of these, one of those, a little of this, a little of that." for every item placed on the table. She asked if I wanted cheese on my salad and I said yes. She told me to say "when" and I was dreading what would happen if I said, "That's good" instead of "When." Luckily, she stopped at the appropriate time.
She really kept up on the drink refills so she was certainly entitled to a good tip because that is pretty much Robby's requirement at any place we go to eat. When she brought the check, she said, "Love notes and chocolate." I don't know about you, but I'd say a check for payment is pretty much the farthest thing from a love note.
We came out unscathed but not without something to laugh about afterwards.
On a side note, if you want a good laugh, click here. It's a hit in our family. Just don't try to look for any hidden meaning. It is what it is, which is hilarious.


Tina McKinnon said...

What a fun dinner! I love funky waitresses like that... we had an experience one time at Cracker Barrel in Springville, UT with one of their gals.... Steve wanted a takeout box for his leftovers and this funny lady stopped, looked at him, put her finger in his face and said, "YOU FINISH YOUR DINNER!!" We were there with a bunch of other missionaries and the whole table errupted into laughter! fun times!

Lyndsay said...

I LOVE that in that video the portable phone is sitting right next to the actual phone. :)

The McKinnon 4 said...

The video was GREAT! Loved it!

The McKinnon 4 said...
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Karen said...

I love a good date. Actually, I'm pretty much in favor of even the bad ones. I love dates!

Kacey LOVES the he/she in the video. Her favorite one involves "Jackie". Very funny stuff and I'd like to be friends with him/her.

Jim & Jami said...

Wow! The Olive Garden now offers dinner and a show, haha.....what a fun dinner! going to check out the video.....J-

Stephanie said...

ok, that video is my favorite.

KACEY said...

Olive Garden is my favorite!!! I've never gotten a good waitress like that before though haha

emidinkl said...

Ditto Stephanie.

KatieJ said...

I love Olive Garden! I think I could eat their salad and breadsticks every day. But I don't appreciate anyone leaning on my table... Sounds like a fun date!

J&A said...

That YouTube is TOO much.
It wasn't so funny that it made me pee my pants ...but it did warrant a few laughs out loud.