Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rainy Day

First of all, I'm sorry if I freaked anyone out who have thought about putting their kids in dance. If you read the comment by "My Name Is Ali", she puts it in perspective for everyone.
The picture above was taken Sunday morning and represents what our day will be like today: an indoor day. We introduced Gracie to serious rain Sunday and put her right underneath the drain pipe. She loved it! We would have kept her out there all morning but her little feet were so cold, we felt bad.
I'm still having knee problems so I bought a brace and I'm trying to stay off it as much as possible. Gracie hates this. I want to take her to the park so bad but there is no way I could chase her the way I do during every park experience. She's a pretty good sport on days like this but towards the end of the day, she starts to act out and kick me. I feel bad but my knee will just not allow any kind of rough play. If anyone wants to swing by and pick her up, you are more than welcome. I'll just be here, trying to recover.


Jenna said...

I love rainy Arizona days! Nothing beats the smell of rain in the desert. I hear the weather down there has been pretty nice. I think I might be a little jealous.

Sadie said...

I'll take your rain over this bitter wind and snow any day. ;) I would love to swing by and let Gracie play with my girls at the park. Maybe someday I'll be down that way and pop in for a visit. Would that surprise you? Becuase I totally would. And you didn't freak me out about the dance injuries, I was a sports player so I know enough about that stuff... besides if I don't put Maddey in dance soon, she's gonna drive me crazy.

=)Larissa said...

Have I told you that I am FINALLY am going to set aside time and fulfill my freshmen year promise of coming to see you. Okay, so that was only almost 10 years ago....but I would love to come visit you in AZ, see the beautiful little angel you have, meet your husband and truly truly truly catch up!! Thoughts???


Jim & Jami said...

I hope your knee feels better soon! If you come across any good stuff, e-mail me the info and I'll post it.....I love getting and sharing "Letters From Mel" :)

crazy lady said...

What a cute pic of you! (And of course Miss Gracie too.) It's weird to see such incredibly green grass at this time of year. The intense color in the grass, and shirts almost makes the buildings look like they are in black and white.
I hope your knee starts feeling better soon. Pain like that sure can suck the energy right out of you.

MARIE said...

Mel, I would so be there in a heartbeat to take Gracie Lue to the park but I happen to live across the country. Bummer.

KatieJ said...

Can it please just not rain on Sunday and Monday so we can go to the park! I am excited for all the warm weather we have coming up!