Thursday, January 3, 2008

Return To Reality

I love this shot of Gracie and my brother in law Casey on Christmas Morning. Gracie really likes him so all together it's a winning picture.

So we made it home to Arizona. It's nice to be here but the transition is never easy. Especially the 11 and a 1/2 hour drive it took us. That is the longest it's ever taken us to make that drive but it was really a huge success. Gracie did so great and she didn't even have the DVD player because she couldn't stop kicking it. She has figured out how to entertain herself so well, and she did so great on the trip, I don't think she would have noticed either way.

The last half hour of driving she was just mad at us. We tried to get her excited to go home but this must have been her thought process: "I know we are going home and I bet the car will slow down and stop and I might even get out but you are just gonna put me right back in this stupid car seat." She covered her head with her blanket and wouldn't take it off no matter how much we begged. But once we got her out and she recognized the landscape, she ran straight to our door. I think she has forgiven me because she keeps giving me kisses.

Now we are slowly but surely recovering from the vacation. The washer and dryer have been going all day and Gracie has been off her schedule as scheduled. The radio in the Montero didn't work the entire trip as our battery died at some point on the trip and we needed a code for it to work, so Robby and I had a lot of time to talk. It was so great. We even made New Year's Resolutions which I normally hate, but I'm very excited to see how I do for the first time in my life. That has to be a good sign as far as my mental stability goes. We'll see.


Stephanie said...

i'm glad you're home.

Karen said...

I say ANY sign of mental stability is a good sign ... for all of us!

I'm glad that you had a good trip, but I'm more glad that you all are safe and sound in the Valley of the Sun!

Welcome home -

Tina McKinnon said...

Mental stability.... what the heck is that?! I've never experienced it! :>) Glad you're home! I can't rest until all my chicks are back in their nests... xox

Jenna said...

All I have to say is GET YOUR BUNS BACK HERE, every last one o' ya! Things just don't feel right when it's not a party 24/7 at mom and dad's house.

I am proud of you for making resolutions. It's always a good plan. I need to write mine down before I forget them.

Love you guys!

dean and chelle said...

Good for you for making resolutions!!! Care to share what they are?

Sorry your radio didn't work but that's awesome that it didn't because, like you said, it gave you guys the opportunity to talk. Couples just don't talk nowadays.

HOORAY for getting home safely!