Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shootin' Some BBall

This was at the Work Christmas Party last night at Makutu's Island and it was great.

If Gracie could talk, it would be about that place all day every day.

The Hair Style She Sported:

(Sorry for all the hair pics but they are just so cute and she actually kept this one in all night, after some coaxing.)


=)Larissa said...

Her hair is absolutely adorable - keep em' coming! I love how after the balls stop coming, she just tries to get another one from under the bar - haha!

Love you!

Leigh Anna said...

Future Michael Jordon!! Hope your Thursday is going well--it snowed again, so I'm stuck in the house since my car can't get out...but I'm ok with that, no school, no work, just pjs and eating all day! Love you.

Karen said...

What a great boss to provide such a fun party! My boys sure had fun playing with their cousins.

LOVE her hair!

KatieJ said...

Those curls are awesome- I wouldn't be able to stop taking pictures of them either. PS I love the new header!

dean and chelle said...

That girl has some wicked awesome curls. If she wasn't so young, I would guess you permed it.