Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kiss Me

I guess I will join the controversy and speak out about my vote and who won it. 6 months ago, I would not have voted for who I did. I was extremely hesitant even though I knew Robby was voting for him. I didn't want him in the spotlight because of his religion, especially after the disaster they call a PBS Special aired.
Yes, Mitt Romney got my vote. When he first started running, I didn't want him in the spotlight. I wanted to make sure he had talked to President Hinckley and it was ok with him, but there was no answer to that question anywhere! I didn't want our church to get more bad press than it already has, no matter how inevitable it was.
I like to belong to my church in peace and for that to happen, I need the First Presidency to be left alone and for Mitt to be voted for on his own merits. Clearly, it's a selfish request and pretty impossible.
I have an aunt and uncle that worked closely with Mitt on the Salt Lake City Olympics in '02. They also went to the Olympics in Italy with him and his wife and my aunt has nothing but good things to say about how nice and wonderful they are. Mitt's job is to help rebuild companies and he pretty much knows exactly what to do to help our country. Also, this story reminds me that he is LDS and, overall, a really great guy who just wants to help. We'd be lucky to have him as our president.
Most importantly, Mitt Romney doesn't lie! McCain has practically abandoned his party just to get the popular vote and has done nothing but lie since he started campagning! He's tried to sling mud at Romney but couldn't find anything to sling so he took some quotes out of context. When that didn't work, he started joining with democrats and other former candidates.
Honestly, I couldn't find a good reason not to vote for Mitt Romney. Everything reaffirms my vote for him. I found plenty of good reasons not to vote for McCain and every time he opens his mouth he only makes me feel better about my vote. Idiot.
Update: Click here to see McCain's Flip Flop Express.


Staci McK said...

I read an article about Pres Hinckley after he died, and it had a quote from Romney. I guess he talked to Hinckley about running and Hinckley said that it'd be a great experience if he won, and it'd be a great experience if he lost as well. Wasn't Pres. Hinckley awesome!

emidinkl said...

Amen sister. Amen.

Karen said...

As long as we are on the topic of speaking our minds, can I just say that if Hillary wins ... I'm going to have a heavy dose of nausea for at least four years.

sara said...

Hooray for Mitt! I think most of us LDS'ers had our doubts about the attention this has cast on our religion. But I think overall it has turned out very well so far. I was so proud to vote this morning. It would be SO great if McCain could be defeated in AZ... I guess the chances are slim but wouldn't that be great??

Tina McKinnon said...

Good girl!! I, too, just returned from voting for Mitt... he has the credentials, the experience, the character, the morals, the history of performance, the energy and stamina to do what has to be done, and do it with no shame to the country or the Church. Like Karen, I will be sick if HC gets in... YUCK! Too many bodies have already lain as fall out around the Clintons!

Sadie said...

The funny thing, Mel, is I couldn't have written this post verbatim last week. But I didn't quite know how to separate my thoughts into logical words so I decided to write nothing. Thanks for doing it for me.

Kiora said...

Thanks for writing this.