Monday, February 4, 2008

Requirements Met; Phenomenal Superbowl

Giants Beat Patriots in Superbowl
17 - 14
It was one of the most amazing games I've ever seen! Tom Brady could not catch his breath until the 4th quarter. He can deliver when it really counts but not with 30 seconds left and 90 yards to score. Bill Belichick was clearly upset with their 18-1 season. 1 second was left after the Pats couldn't deliver on 4th and 20 and the refs required that the Giants take a knee for one final play. Before that could even happen, Belichick ran across the field, shook Tom Coughlin's hand, and ran right into the locker room. That was very poor sportsmanship, in my opinion.
Eli Manning was named MVP and certainly deserved that title. When the game appeared to be over with 2:45 left in the 4th and the Giants needed a touchdown to win, he got them down the field with some amazing throws. But I also feel that the other MVP of the game would be the collective Giants defensive team, coaches and all. They were there to stop the Pats from ever getting into a good rhythm and sacked Tom Brady more times than I've seen the entire season. They had the best defense in the league before the game and only proved their point more with the end of that game.
Peyton Manning was at the game, sitting alone, and obviously trying to stay out of the camera shots as much as possible. They showed his reaction at all the key points of the game, though, and it was so great to see. He was only there to support his brother and did not want any attention or glory. Last year, the Colts won the Superbowl and Peyton was named the MVP. What a great couple years for the Manning family!
Thanks Karen for throwing a great Superbowl Party and catering to my need for a great seat, good food, and wonderful company! I will not soon forget it!


Jenna said...

Oh Mel, that was the most fulfilling Superbowl I've watched. Even now, I am sitting here watching SportsCenter, completely satisfied and so happy for the Giants. It was a GREAT game. I was exhausted last night from all of the exhilaration and screaming. I did a lot of that. Great post!

Karen said...

Indeed! I still can't stop smiling. Usually I go into a bit of depression once the last pass is thrown for the season, but I'm still smiling from yesterday's game. Let's not forget that catch by Tyree! How in the world did little Eli even break loose to make the throw in the first place and then how do you hang onto a ball which is teetering on your helmet while doing a back bend over a very large knee? OMG! Nobody deserves that trophy more than them Giants!

=)Larissa said...

Wow...what a an amazing game huh? I could continue to watch the plays within the last quarter, even moreso in the alst three minutes and be set for life!! WOW! It sure was fun - one of my favorite Super Bowls to date!


Leigh Anna said...

Oh my gosh. Wasn't that game BEAUTIFUL. I'm not going to lie, I was bored without any points between the first minute of the 2nd quarter tell the last few minutes...BUT when Manning threw that beautiful pass to Tyree after he escaped the death grabs from those cheaters! And Tyree, don't get me started with that kid, he was tied for MVP for me, because you can tell that he wanted the win bad...MAN, THAT CATCH WAS AMAZING. And I mean, yea, the touchdown was great too...but that CATCH. Oh gosh. All and all, I ate to much food, didn't do my homework, and jumped out of my seat on the last two was a good time. Next year lets A) go to the superbowl together, or B) at least watch it together! I loves ya.

And I do hope that you just enjoyed reading my overview of the game that you yourself watched. The end!

Leigh Anna said...

Tom Brady...he may be beautiful...but HE IS NO CHAMP. Ok just thought I should get that out there too!

Jim & Jami said...

It was a Great Game! So glad that the Giants won it!

KatieJ said...

I love the Super Bowl because of all the grocery sales! I can't stand to watch 3 minutes of football but I can watch Law & Order or Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs for hours on end... But I really think it's cool how much you like sports!