Friday, March 7, 2008

A Little Trauma

While we are having a fabulous time at my parents, Gracie has found all kinds of things to get into. Last night we had a BBQ with some cousins over and I got distracted by all the activity, I guess. I was upstairs chatting it up and she was downstairs watching a movie, or so I thought.

One of my younger cousins came upstairs and said, "Gracie's stuck." I didn't hear her crying so my mom went down to check it out. Then, my mom yelled up the stairs, "Rick!" That always means trouble as that is my dad's name. I went hauling down the stairs and saw Gracie stuck underneath on of their bar stools. She had one arm and her head through a very small opening. I was too traumatized myself to have the presence of mind to take a picture.

My dad had to push really hard on her head while my mom pulled really hard on her body. I tried to talk calmly to her but I don't think she heard me over her own screaming. It was pretty sad. When we layed her down to change her and calm her down, we noticed the blood by her eye. She's only bled that way one other time I can remember so that was traumatic for me.

I wish that were the end of her painful events of last night but, alas, there's more. I stayed downstairs with her but she started feeling better and running around. I didn't know there was a fire burning down there and I couldn't see it, either. I heard her cry, ran around the corner and my two little cousins were standing there, watching as she had touched the metal fireplace. One of them said, "She touched the fire." The poor girl had burned her little hand. I ran it under water and it seemed ok but I put her to bed right after that.

So the picture above is documentation of her cut and swollen little eye. I think we'll be ok today but she honestly finds something new to get into every day. She's still having fun, despite the pain.


Tina McKinnon said...

the poor little thing! Enjoying herself is tough work... But, without a boo-boo, how would anyone know! Glad you're enjoying your visit... xox

Stephanie said...

sad little eye. we miss you guys.

Meredith said...

that is kids for ya, its still no fun! But gosh , she is soooo dang cute

emidinkl said...

Soooo dang cute is right! She's a trooper--tough like her momma. Miss you guys: )

Lyndsay said...

Awww! Poor Gracie. What a little explorer, though!

Emily said...

Poor little gal. Jonah is currently facinated by noises on the stovetop and me doing anything in the kitchen, it worries me.