Thursday, April 3, 2008


On Tuesday, Gracie started saying "Bobby" every few hours. I had no idea what she could be referring to. It's not her bottle because that's "Bobble" and it's not Robby because that's "Papa". She wasn't asking for a "Bobby" or anything, she just picked it up and started using it in her everyday conversations with herself. She did come up to me once, said "Bobby", then pointed out toward the living room, but she is always pointing toward the living room so what was I to think?

Then, yesterday while I was in the bathroom, she came barreling in and started telling me one of her stories with all the arm movements and songs involved. As she was chatting, she suddenly stopped mid-babble (or maybe it was the end of the story) and pointed to the potty and said "Bobby". When it hit me, I said out loud to her "Ohhhh. Bobby is Potty!"

I gave her a hug and kiss and congratulated her on her new word because I'm all about positive reinforcement and she loves it. Then, I got out the small potty I bought a few months ago and took it into the living room and she rightfully pointed it out as "Bobby". I then read her The Potty Book For Girls that this girl gave me. She was very ho-hum about the whole thing and obviously didn't think it was as big a deal as it was.

So she had another seating option yesterday in the living room for watching her shows and reading her books. She could take it or leave it, it seems. She does like the removable top and likes to collect things in there. Other than that, it's just another new toy, but not as fun as the others.

Gracie's speech therapy starts tomorrow (and not a moment too soon, it would seem).


Mrs. Burns said...

She is so smart! How fun.

Tina said...

I can't wait to see her tomorrow!!! Hurry and get up here! Hugs to all of you!

Mrs. Dub said...

yeah, i'm toying with the early potty training thing since miss dub is all about her potty these days, as well. but i have a funny feeling they won't enjoy them quite as much when it requires them to stop watching TV and relieve themselves, rather than using it to watch TV.

Becky said...

Bobby...I love it! Make sure and write that one down!

emidinkl said...

Yeah, that is definitely a story to put on paper! Too cute. She'll appreciate it in 10 years. I still love hearing quirky stories about myself from my older sisters: )

Staci Lynn said...

her hair is sooo curly! Its adorable!