Friday, April 25, 2008

The Morning From. . .Well, You Know

*WARNING: This post gives semi-graphic detail of what a sick 2 year old can do. Read at your own risk.*

Of all my early morning, rushing to get out of the house experiences, yesterday morning was, by far, the worst.

For the past week, Gracie has had a small fever almost every day. It never got above 99.5 and she never acted too affected by it, besides overreacting when she was upset. So we've gone about our business this week, taking daily trips to a park or a friend's house or the store. She did great and it all went off with nary a hitch.

Then came yesterday. Gracie and I were getting ready to go over to Robin's so I could babysit her kids while dot dot dot (check her blog for details). Now, I LOVE babysitting for her because a) Her house is huge and perfectly catered to children Gracie's age and b) She has a 5 year old, Tucker, to help me understand what the little kids need, a 2 year old, Charlotte, to play with Gracie, and an 8 month old, Henry, who I just get to hold and love as much as I want (and he's super cuddly and prefers it). It's a great set up for me.

Back to my house: I was all dressed and just about ready to go when I went out to get Gracie dressed and ready to go. She seemed ok, maybe a little warm but her temperature was normal, so I put her in some little shorts and a white shirt. No shoes because she always takes them off in the car so they go in the diaper bag. All she'd had to eat was a bottle of Pediasure and some milk and I packed an apple and pretzels for the ride, just in case. I sprayed her hair with water, talked to Robin and was right on time and ready to go.

The second I got off the phone with Robin, Gracie walked into my room slowly kind of fussing. I said, "Oh, honey, what's wrong?" That's when she exploded. White vomit was hurled all over the carpet at the foot of mine and Robby's bed. She stood there crying while I tried to compute exactly what had happened and what I should do next. She was making a weird sound after that in the middle of cries, which I now know was gagging or heaving, and before I knew it, more vomit came out.

It was then I thought, "Maybe I should take her to the bathroom instead of just letting her puke all over the carpet." I picked her up from behind, moved as quickly as I could toward our bathroom, but my arms around her stomach must have been the pressure she needed because she then puked all over the carpet right in front of the bathroom. I wiped her face and nose and sat her on the couch trying to think of what to do next.

I'd just talked to Robin telling her I was on my way, but now what if Gracie had the flu and was contagious? And how was I going to clean up the most disgusting smell in the world? I finally called Robby and he said he would bring over an extractor to clean up the mess. (That is the best perk of all about having a husband who not only works for a carpet cleaning company, but is an amazing technician.)

Seven minutes later, we were in the car, on our way after I'd tried to soak up the milk curdles with a towel unsuccessfully. I called my dad on the way, he said just to keep every one's hands washed and it should be fine. Plus, Gracie was acting like nothing had happened! No fussing or acting tired or fever or anything. Even when we got there, she never once acted sick. I carried around a bowl behind her just in case, but she only used it to wear on her head.

Today, she's fine and right now we are waiting for Gracie's counselor, Jory (a woman), to come play with her for 45 minutes while I get a break. Or rather some uninterrupted cleaning time.


Tina said...

Oh yuck! Milk is the worst! ...except for chicken noodle soup! Kristi threw that up once and we could never get all the chicken fat up out of the carpet, so we cleaned and cleaned and it always got dark and dirty in that spot from then on, no matter how many times it was cleaned! It was right in a traffic pattern. (Didn't have Robby to take care of things then!) Sure glad it was short-lived... By the way... from Robin's blog... you can make tacos for us anytime!

Kelsey said...

Thank goodness it was just a one-time thing. Chloe did that same thing the first day I was alone with both kids. It was horrible. Glad to her Gracie's doing better though.

Devin and Chelsey said...

Ohh no, that sounds so disgusting. I feel so bad for you, but I am soo happy that it takes 2 seconds for Robby to be able to clean it up.... And the bright side?... She sisn't get it on you! (-;

Meredith said...

no fun! Sounds like our week, I HATE SICK kids..and sick me!

Sounds like you are a great babysitter though :)

Becky said...

I hate it when my kids throw up also. Megan gets carsick and throws up in the car at least once a month. Not fun.
The worst incident I have had with vomit was when Garrett came into our room in the middle of the night and threw up all over me in our bed! When I was sound asleep!

Karen said...

I hate throw-up and I'm glad she's feeling better.

emidinkl said...

I'm glad she is feeling better---I'm also glad that Robby has such great skills. Really cool for so many situations involving kids!

Robin said...

Luckily none of my kids ever got sick and I was able to go to my long awaited appt. You are a life saver!