Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mountain Girl

This girl loves her 4-wheelers. Lucky for her, Robby's parents neighbor has one just her size. We couldn't keep her off it the entire weekend. She obviously couldn't drive it but because it was just her size, she loved it. (Note to her Holmes Grandparents: Oak City may require one of these for the MDB. Probably one that doesn't run is just fine.)

We had a lovely long weekend up in Heber with Robby's parents and came home yesterday afternoon. We did the same thing last year for April Conference and I think it should be a yearly thing. We always have a great time.

However, as Gracie gets older, she requires more attention and toys and places to run around. During the 2 hour blocks of conferences, we couldn't give this to her. All I could do was what I try to do during regular church, stickers and what not, but she lasted about 15 minutes with that.

It all turned out fine in the end and Steve and Tina are so low key and easy to be around, it would be impossible not to enjoy time with them. Plus, Gracie learns new, hilarious things every day and they got to be there for it. She got to run around in their yard and throw rocks into the little ditch in front of their house. They also had an awesome bubble machine that they used when they were Nursery leaders and Gracie loved it.

Now we're home and readjusting to our schedule. I was so sad that I missed the regular playgroup I go to yesterday morning so if anyone wants to get together this week as a sort of mini-playgroup, Gracie and I would love it.


Tina said...

It WAS great fun, wasn't it!!! Thanks for coming up! xox

Lyndsay said...

I missed the park Monday, too. So let me know if you want to get together!

Robin said...

We missed you Monday, but it looks like you had fun! We'll hang out with you guys anytime. Call me.