Thursday, April 17, 2008

Speaking of Walking

Last night, Gracie had to wear these shoes around the house no matter what. Nothing was going to stop her. Not even when one shoe went the opposite direction she had in mind. Sure, she fall and whine a little but she got back up, repositioned herself accordingly, and set off for another adventure.

I think it's worth mentioning that the shoes she's wearing are the very one's that my Robby wore when he ran the San Francisco Marathon in spring of '04. They have turned out to be quite the investment as he still uses them when he finds the time to run and I use them when I'm working out to one of my DVDs in my living room (sorry, honey, I didn't know I'd spill the info about us having the same shoe size; I just think it's necessary information to portray how great a purchase those Nike Shocks really were).

Now, Gracie uses them as her most sturdy pair of adult shoes to sport around the house. She moves the best in them and doesn't mind just lounging around while they weigh her little body down either. The best purchase of the century, I'd say.

This morning was one of those mornings I never thought would happen, let alone that I would actually agree to participate. I happened to wake up a little before Robby's alarm went off and when it did I greeted him with a "Happy Morning!" He loves when I'm awake with him in the morning because it doesn't happen very often since he wakes up so early. We decided he had enough time before work that we could go for a walk around our complex together. It was really nice to do and I know how much it means to him when I'm up with him in the morning and the fact that we got to spend some quality time together talking and getting some exercise was the icing on the cake (or the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter on the slice of whole wheat toast, in this case).

I am hoping that this will be able to happen more often but if you read my blog regularly, you know by now that I'm not a huge goal setter on account of my lack of ability to follow through. I also don't like to get Robby's hopes up because I'm very unpredictable in the mornings. I'm not a morning person at all and can't always be held accountable for my actions during that time. So we will play it by ear and if we can get in a few mornings together walking around our complex before the heat starts to set in three hours before the sun rises, I'd say that is a huge accomplishment for the both of us.

I did get to rest after the walk (ok, I slept until Gracie woke up at 9) but it give me hope that I can get Gracie out to a park today since I don't think it's supposed to be too hot. And I will choose my favorite park by my favorite friend's house because for whatever reason I know that today is her ward's park day and there will be plenty of kids for Gracie to play with. Luckily I have a very independent daughter who could give or take other children just in case I don't make it in time for other kids to be there. For every one out there who knows the park I'm talking about and wants to meet up, call me right now and it will be that much more fun for everyone.

Thank goodness for friend's with blogs as a substitue for a mass email invitation.


Sadie said...

It's the park by my house, isn't it?
I've always wanted a pair of Nike shocks. I think if everyone in our household uses them they will most definitely be a smart purchase.

dean and chelle said...

1st off, kudos to Robby for running the San Fran Marathon. That is awesome and says something about how physically fit he is. 2nd off, Gracie is absolutely adorable in those shoes and that is hilarious that she is bound and determined to walk around in them. 3rd, good job for getting up crazy early and going walking with hubby. I'm a sleeper-inner like you so I know how hard it is to get up in the mornings.

Tina said...

I'm impressed with your early-morning walks, too.... I know it's just the best time to be out and of the whole day for that matter... and that we'd all feel happier and healthier, physically and emotionally, if we'd do it, but I'm so not into getting up early! One of these first days, maybe... xox

Amber said...

She's so cute in those shoes! Tucker doesn't pay much attention to our shoes, but he loves to wear his older brothers' shoes. He alternates between them.