Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Buy This House?

I have a real estate agent who sends me updates on new houses for sale and a great search engine that will only search the cities I am interested in, mainly Maricopa County. I'm doing research mostly for my own interest. But we hope to get into a house in Mesa or Gilbert after our lease is up in September.

Anyway, while I perused through the listings, I came across the little number above. I'm not thrilled that there is no grass in the front yard but I think we could plant some. I love the big, fully intact tree on the left that stands over the house and the awning that hangs over the front door. But scanning to the right, seeing that crazy-limbed, no leaves tree, made me think. The more I look at it, the more I love it. I am grateful it's not a cactus. While I love the cacti species, I don't love that they serve as front yard decor here in the valley of the sun. Gracie would run right up to it and hug it, I kid you not.

Inside, the house has almost everything we want. We don't need much, just 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and this place meets our needs that way. But I think the big selling point for me is that crazy tree! People will be standing outside our house after we've lived there for a year and say: "Are they really keeping that ugly tree there?" The answer is yes, my friends. That tree is practically the signature on the mortgage papers.

Then, when we get to know the nieghbors and the people in our ward better, if I ever find myself hoping they don't visit me again, I can say something like: "Don't forget to say 'Hi' to Linus on your way out!" Visitor: "Who?" Me: "Linus. (Whispering) The tree without the leaves. He has low self-esteem and it would really make his day if you commented on his unique appearance."

That oughta do it. I'm sold.


Amber said...

The "Linus" idea is hilarious. You can also tell people when giving them directions that your house is the one with the crazy tree out front.

Leslie said...

love it! i think it looks like a great house!

Anonymous said...

Mel - I want this house. I love the tree and I too think the "Linus" name is funny. I hope you can get this! Kari graduates the 7th HURRAY!!


Mrs. Burns said...

Where is it? Will you be closer to me?

Leigh Anna said...

Linus looks like the best tree to learn how to climb. I'm jealous if I do say so myself. I miss you friend.

Tabitha Gray said...

That is a great year-round Halloween tree. And I love a good Halloween tree.

KatieJ said...

That tree is really funny! I hope you guys do get a house when your lease is up! And I will tell you our first house had desert landscaping in the front, and an ugly tree too actually, and I so hated it at first but it was quite nice to not have a lawn to mow and water, we never changed it!
I hope you are doing well- I am so hopelessly behind on reading blogs. Hopefully I'll get out to a play group in the next couple weeks and get to see you guys again!