Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MDB or Bust

First, I need to apologize. We are not buying the house below, as it stands right now. We are browsing the market and I just wanted to share that awesome tree and let everyone know if we do end up buying that house, the tree's name will be Linus.

Now, how awesome does my dad look in that get-up? He's primarily in charge of counting the people that eat at the Memeorial Day Breakfast so we know how much to prepare every year. If anyone lives in Utah and wants to take a trip to Oak City, the breakfast is free and it goes from 7am to 10am. And it is yummy. Just drive right into town and you will see the town hall on the right like 2 blocks in and most likely a line outside waiting to get in.

We are leaving today, whenever Robby gets off work. I should be packing as we speak but I can't find my motivation. I'll check under the bed, then Gracie's room. If it's not there, Robby will have a lot to do when he gets home.

The next time I blog, I guarantee sweet MDB pics. Until then, why don't you browse my 'Days of Yore' down on the sidebar? It's a great read. :)

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dean and chelle said...

How was your MDB? I've been checking your site for pictures but leave sad everytime!!!