Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Sickness

This is a picture of a road in China after the earthquake a couple days ago. They are saying over 12,000 people have died and there are still 18,000 trapped.

Lucky for me, when I open the internet to my homepage, there are a bunch of pictures of mothers crying over their children's bodies. Apparently, an entire primary school collapsed trapping and killing a lot of children. The photographers can't seem to keep away from these grieving mothers but I couldn't get myself to put a picture up. A broken road is good enough for me.

I can't stand the thought of people being trapped. Even worse, being able to see or hear the people who are trapped and not being able to get to them. There were several pictures of people who were trapped and only their hand, arm or upper half of their body could be seen. There was a picture of a nurse holding the hand of an exposed arm they couldn't get to, hopefully talking to the victim and trying to comfort them. I can't imagine that.

Even after all I've been through, there could be so much worse. Seeing what is going on in China helps me to be grateful for what I have, but it also makes me hurt worse imagining what these people are going through. Finding pieces of their relatives amongst all the rubble, hearing them scream but not being able to go to them, or having no idea what could have happened to them and praying they are not writhing in pain wherever they are.

I found myself praying silently to myself as I looked through the pictures: Please comfort these families. Please give the trapped victims peace. I wish I could do it myself.


Tina said...

I can't even fathom the pain and grief these people are feeling... Heaven help them... Please!

The Queen said...

This might sound horrible but I don't look at pictures. It is just too sad for me. I can't handle it. So, so scary.