Friday, June 27, 2008

Biker Babes

Gracie and Henry had a great time sittin on BahPa's motorcycle and pretending to cruise.

Gracie then commenced to "help" BahPa attach and tighten various nuts and bolts on the front wheel (don't worry, everything was double checked after her little run-through).

These days, Gracie is a full blown Parrot. She will mimick everything you say and do and will continue to do so until you start repeating yourself or she gets bored. It's pretty hilarious.

My new favorite word of hers is "bahper" meaning diaper.


Tina said...

We've been in Mesa for 4 days, so I'm just now catching up on e-mail and blogs... I have 85 e-mails to check out! Ugh! Anyway, I'm so glad all is well and you have a return date. I don't know if your folks will be able to handle the Gracie withdrawal, however!!! I love the picture with your little-boy buddy on your last post... you look positively skinny! Are you dieting or something? Anyway, sure will be good to see you!

Lyndsay said...

"Peanut Butter Jelly with a baseball bat!"