Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wha 'Choo Lookin At?

I rather like this face Gracie was givin whoever had the camera at this point in time. It says to me: "I like to experiment with facial expressions I haven't used yet." That's my girl.

Also, her hair is really big and that is always funny. And she is wearing Gus' Great Great number as we could not locate her number at the time. I like seeing her with this shirt on because it helps me remember his number while getting to see Gracie's face.

Today, Gracie and I watched Raggedy Ann & Andy's Musical Adventure which took me back to my childhood. I have the whole thing memorized and didn't think about what affect the movie might have on Gracie until it came to the part where a blob of taffy named Mr. Greedy wants to cut out Raggedy Ann's candy heart. Gracie's eyes got really big and she put her hands by her face and looked pretty terrified. I think she's recovering alright and hopefully there will be no long term damage. She just has to push through because it's a movie that has been in our family a long time and I associate it with my childhood. In the end, her being terrified will pay off. She'll learn to stay away from taffy pits and talking camels on acid trips.


Tina said...

that is funny! I guess I didn't pay good enough attention to the finer points of that movie... I don't remember that terrible fiend! Hope she isn't scared for life! :>) We sure miss you guys... hurry home!

Lyndsay said...

I totally remember that movie now that you mention it! I also remember being pretty terrified of that part, myself.

KatieJ said...

I love to see her cute face and especially those amazing curls! I've been thinking about you guys!

Amber said...

Definitely a cute shot. It's good to see you posting again. I've been worried about you while you're off in Utah soul searching.