Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Favorite Sisters

This picture was taken last Saturday at Mary's Bridal Shower.
It is my favorite picture to date.

I'm so grateful for the wonderful sisters I have been blessed with and each with their unique personalities. They have all been such an example to me in such different ways and the things they taught me while I was in Utah I'm putting into action here in Arizona.

They are among the finest women I know and I'm so happy to have the relationship that I do with each one, individually and as a group.

Thank heaven for sisters like Jenna, Mary, and Hill.
I could not survive without them.


Mr. M said...

My favorite is the one on the right. She fine.
Love, your secret admirer.

Jenna said...

This picture is being downloaded, printed and framed in my house. It's my favorite one to date as well! It was so fun to have all the sisters together, and thanks for including me :) I've never felt like anything less than a real sister and daughter in our family. Love you!

Emily said...

I have three adult sisters as well and what a blessing! I love them all so much.

crazy lady said...

What beauties! Inside and out I might add! You are some of my favorite people. Nice you got to spend some time together.

Tina said...

Awesome picture...