Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Grown Up Girl

Something that I forgot to mention was that Gracie learned how to crawl out of her crib in Utah. She would climb right out, open each door she passed through calmly, then quietly shut the doors behind her. Then, she'd find me, tap on my leg and give me a hello wave. While it was adorable, it was mighty inconvenient.

As soon as we got home and I laid her down for a nap, she climbed right out, opened and closed her door, and walked right up to me. So that first night, we put a child-proof handle on her doorknob and laid her mattress on the floor, surrounded by pillows. Amazingly, she only tried to open the door once, then slept all night and all through a nap yesterday.

We were fortunate enough to still have the toddler rails and all the screws required to make her crib into the cutest little toddler bed you see below.
She loves it! She can climb in and out when she wants and play with the toys in her room if she wants. It was such a smooth transition, I can hardly believe it should be this easy.

Gracie has also taken a recent interest in the potty. Her speech has significantly improved so she no longer calls it the the "bobby". She still has her little potty chair that she carries around the house and requires a select few of her stuffed animals and dolls to sit on it while she watches tv.

I got her this little chair to go on the big potty and she sat willingly for several minutes this morning. I started reading "Mommy! I have to go Potty!" By Jan Faull yesterday and I already am very encouraged and excited to start working with Gracie. She seems to be right where she should be for the beginning stages of training.

She has come so far over the past 2 months, you would not even recognize her voice. She talks to me and tells me what she wants with simple words. No sentences yet but we are communicating so well that her tantrums are not near as bad as I thought they would be. I even decided to cancel her speech therapy since we haven't started yet and she's already doing so well. We still have a counselor that will come every week to play with her and help encourage and teach her, but I think that's all she needs for now.

I can't believe how big she is!

Any potty training tips that you think might be helpful? They would be much appreciated.


Tina said...

She is adorable and I'm glad you're excited about the potty-training adventure you've begun. Personally, potty training was my least favorite part of raising kids. I would rather have the sleep deprivation part!! Good luck. Looks like you're well on your way. xox

Jill said...

"Wait until they are ready." That's the best advice I've heard. We tried with Cohen and he's just not ready yet. People say it's easy when the child is ready. So why bother before then?

Jenna said...

Uh, hilarious potty picture! Naked with funky hair - it doesn't get any better than that. And seriously, she grew up SO much while she was up here. She's a regular smarty britches now! What a big girl.