Monday, July 28, 2008

Reminiscin' This 'n That

I just got home from a quick run to the library as we were in desperate need for some new nighttime reading books. And lucky for me, there is an awesome Gilbert Library I just discovered on Greenfield and Guadalupe so it's right up the street.

As I was thumbing through some potential books I thought Gracie might like, I came across this book: The Pain and The Great One by Judy Blume. Right as I saw the cover, it took me back to my childhood and this specific book. What I love most about this book is it's from the two kids point's of view and how they see each other. As a kid, this book is awesome because you think: "Thank goodness my parents are reading this so they can understand how I feel about my little sister!" And as an adult, this book is awesome because you think: "Thank goodness my kids are reading this so they know we understand how hard it is to have siblings."

Of course, Gracie doesn't have a little brother, yet, that she can relate this story to, but I think she will learn to appreciate sibling rivalry, if nothing else. And hopefully, one day, she'll get a sibling and we'll start the never ending dance of "S/he started it!"

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