Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Random Feelings

This is my friend's baby, Stella. I think she played with this box for a half hour. And I was her prop to keep her up and to get the box when she dropped it on the floor. When she hugs her mom, I get butterflies in my stomach. She is such a doll baby and so fun to watch and play with.

We had Robby's work Christmas party last night and it was a big success and tons of fun. I don't usually get into White Elephant parties too much, but I'd say last night was the best I've attended to date. It was just what I needed after a bad day, which was weird because usually it would add more stress and anxiety to my day. But Gracie had a blast and I could just sit and enjoy being with Robby. Thanks and great work to Stella's parents.

On another note, I just finished "The Christmas Sweater" and I did not like it very much. The whole thing was so depressing until maybe the last 4 pages, like he scrambled for an ending. It looks so cheerful and Christmasy on the outside, but it is neither of those on the inside. Anyone want to borrow it?

So just when I've found my favorite thing about this big house, we have to move. Of course, we're not moving right now so I have about one more week of good face time with the Christmas tree and I intended to enjoy as much of it as I can. It's the perfect size for reading and I'm surrounded by beautiful things like the craftsmanship of this house, the wonderful open floor plan, the view of lovely Arizona winter greenery (or rather some green and brownery), and no one can see me from the road. I've found what I like most about a room and I'm excited to apply it to our new house.

Coming from an apartment, this 4,000 square foot house was very overwhelming. I'm so glad we didn't move earlier, though, because I don't think I would have figured out how to maintain this house. It gives me confidence and self-esteem about what I might be able to do in our new home. I might not be too crafty, but I can make a room comfortable in a house where I am not(because it's so big and because sometimes men walk in without knocking). And at the same time, it doesn't look like a boy's apartment.

I'm a firm believer in Function Before Fashion and so is Robby, naturally. But I think I feel about 20% cozier in a room with crown molding. I have no idea why.


stephanie said...

i'm glad you had fun last night. i think it was a success. thanks for taking care of stella. that is a really good picture of you, by the way.

Matt and Stephanie said...

you look very pretty in this picture!