Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Exhausted

But the exhaustion doesn't stop here. I have this entire week of cleaning and packing and organizing and talking to banks and brokers and realtors and a general array of people who I do not want to be talking to. If I could somehow slip into a coma for the next few weeks that would be great. I just cannot believe the nonsense we have had to go through for this whole thing.

I got a lovely visit from the woman from the bank that owns the QC house and she handed me a note very cordially that demanded us out of the house as soon as possible. She'll be back Friday to check on our progress. Can't wait to see her lipstick on her dentures again.

I tell ya what I am grateful for though: the support and people who are willing to watch Gracie when she's too much for us. I'm so ready for it all to be over, for us to be in our new comfy house (which I love more and more every time I go back to it) and to be able to be comfortable in my own space. Sometimes that's all you need and right now, that is all I need. My new cozy house with a fire going, a warm blanket, a funny movie, a sleeping Gracie, a snuggled up Robby, and no more calls from Jaysen, our stupid, flaky broker.

Anyone come across anything about time travel?


Emily Ruth said...

Time travel?
Easy, I've already looked into it for myself.

Kelsey said...

Wait! I forgot to put in the crystals.

Anyway, we had a really lame broker too. What's with those people?

Miguel said...

i dont know about time travel to the future but i did have a missed call from the past. check it out.