Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Things

So I may as well tell you all now something I've been contemplating for a few weeks. I've thought about donating my eggs to a couple who would pick me as someone who would be their prospective donor. I have no idea if I am having any more kids but I'm so fertile that it seems like I should be helping those who aren't. I was all prepared to give myself shots and emotionally ready for the surgery and looking forward to helping a couple who wanted a baby more than anything.

My dad used to be a bishop so he checked his Bishop's Manual and they were strongly against sperm donation but didn't say anything specific about egg donation. For my dad, he felt it was the emotional factor that would affect the woman, not to mention I'm crazy on hormones so we decided I should try and find another way to help people. If the church were not against surrogacy, I would consider that. But now I'm going to try to find another way to help people.

I guess this would be my new year's resolution. I normally hate resolutions but this one seems necessary for me and my life and my soul. Once all this house nonsense is calmed down, we are moved in, settled, Gracie is potty trained, and possibly attending a day school of some kind, I can start to think about what I can do for others (i.e. organizing blood drives, teach piano, volunteer at the hospital, etc.)

So, you shall not hear from me until next year. I'm ready to get my life in order, starting with the house. And I'm ready to help any mother out there who has lost a child in infancy as their shoulder to cry on or person to call when they don't know what else to do. All trials are for our good. Now I just have to find that good and apply it to my life.


Karen said...

I think it's going to be a great year for you.

Happy New Year!

Jami said...

You know what's pretty crazy...we are doing In Vitro in February and if it doesn't work, the second option is to use an egg donor. It is extremely easy to be a sperm donor but it takes a lot more to be an egg donor. I'm extremely impressed that you would consider something like that. I wish I had some good eggs like you :)

Emily Ruth said...

Well said, and Amen.