Monday, January 19, 2009

Give It Up!

If you didn't believe in us before,
believe in us now!
Thanks for everyone's good thoughts!
Our Cards deserve this trip!

Suit up for February 1st in Tampa Bay!
Superbowl 43 vs. the Steelers!
(I am afraid of what actual murders may occur on the field that day.
The Steelers are ruthless and incredibly strong.)

For now, I enjoy our win and claim some due respect
my Cards have needed for a very long time now.
They made history!


Tiff Moser said...

The game was undeniably awesome. I can't wait for Feb. 1st!!!

Reachel Bagley, Stylist said...

Mel, if you can enjoy football, there must be something I'm missing out on. Poor Andrew hasn't helped me extend into the realm of masculine sports at all. He just as well watch HGTV instead. I'm going to watch a full game in your honor.