Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have, perhaps, an unhealthy relationship with football.
But I can't help myself!
Now, with my support and license plate,
the AZ Cardinals are going to the. . .

(. . .wait for it. . .)

For the first time in franchise history!
If they win that game, they are in the SUPERBOWL!
And the man we thank for this is none other than Kurt Warner,
one of the sweetest men on the planet,
with years of experience under his belt,
and an amazingly positive attitude toward everything football,
good and bad
(not to mention his religious views and the fact that he gives
his glory to God and all his teammates, not his amazing talent).

Now we wait and see who they will play next week in the championship game:
Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants
(which is in progress as I type).
We want the Eagles to win so we an have home field advantage
next week which our stadium has proven to cause
many a-delay of game for the visiting team.

So, I'm begging you,
whether you watch football or not,
whether you care or not,
PLEASE send your prayers/good thoughts to our Cardinals.
If nothing else, we don't want a humiliation next week.
They deserve the respect they have worked so hard for this year.
This is a big deal in my home, people.
And if you love me at all, you will comment
and let me know you are supporting my team.
You don't even have to watch the game next week!
I just need to know you are all standing behind them with me.
For my blood pressure and high anxiety and my husband's ear drums
(on account of my screaming),
please let me know you are supporting my Cardinals.
It will ease my mind this week and keep me from
having to find new forms of medication to control my anxiety.

Your support will not go unrecognized, I assure you.

*UPDATE: Eagles won so get ready
for the NFC Championship game in Glendale, AZ next week!


Emily Ruth said...

We support! We support! Watched the game last night and am hyped for a good outcome this season.
Also, sorry I never got back to you the other day. Expect a call from me tomorrow: )

Karen said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I have to admit that I haven't always been a Cardinals fan, but I have been a BIG Kurt Warner fan. I would love to be at that game, but we'll for sure be screaming over here!

Ryan said...

I am so glad to see the Cardinals in the playoffs and can't believe they made it this far! (Only when the seahawks are stinking it up of course. Definitely will be rooting for them all the way... and Kurt Warner is the man! Here is a funny link from Warner I love to watch:

stephanie said...

mike and i actually watched the cardinals game. i did it for you, mel.

Tiff Moser said...

I love that you love football. It makes me love you even more. :-)