Friday, March 6, 2009

Gracie's Very First Puppet Show

To make your day that much better.
Prince Owen and Princess Lilly are Gracie's closest cousins on the Holmes side.
They live far away in LA so we never see them and
I never really have any reason to talk about them to her,
but for some reason she likes to say every once in a while:

"Mama, where Owen?"
"Mama, where Lilly?"
It cracks me up.

So I decided to make up a story about Prince Owen and Princess Lilly
being attacked by a monster and are saved because brave Owen
bops the monster on the head and kills him.
Sometimes Lilly does the bopping. It depends on her mood.
I'm always the monster and always lose.

I'm ok with it, as long as I get to hear Gracie mention names
of relatives she hasn't seen in over six months.
Whenever I pull out my blackberry that has the good speakerphone,
a conversation like this usually takes place:

"It's Grapa!"
"No, he's not on the phone right now."
"Oh, Grapa? Grapaaah, whe-are youuuu?"

She does this with her Gramma Pam too.
Somehow she remembers, knows, and looks for
all these relatives she hasn't seen in over six months.

We are all revved up for the MDB this year.


Sadie said...

So cute! Cousins really are the best! I love her hair in all the pictures.

Brades said...

We are stoked to see you at MDB in a few months! Gracie is hilarious and so cute, we can't wait to see all of you! We should definitely get on this AZ trip pronto! Love you!