Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Haircut is in Order

Because this head of hair has officially turned into a mop sitting atop her head. If I give 5-10 minutes of focused attention and patience to these lovely locks, I'm rewarded with something adorable. It's soo worth it.

But yesterday, Gracie spent the day with her Daddy. She likes to pull out her hair things in the car and throw them into oblivion. Poor Robby doesn't know how to put her hair in a pony tail so he had to wet and style the unkempt mess by the water fountain in the walmart. It's ok because he's really good at that.

My main concern is for the uppermost shelf of hair. It's much much longer than the bottom shelf, creating a bouffant that won't quit and awkward-when-wet pigtails.

I'm not willing to pay big bucks to take her to get a haircut with the whole experience, including the helicopter chair. But if I try to cut it myself, she will, without a doubt, move her head non-stop and I will mess up the cut or not finish it due to frustration.

Plus she's never had her hair cut before! Not once! I don't know how those curly Q's are gonna react to those scissors. And while it is fun to think about the fact that the very ends of her hair on top were on her head a mere 2 or 3 years ago, that doesn't mean she should be subject to a disaster of a headdress and be forever doomed to having hair in her mouth, eyes, grill, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions/advice/knowledge/confidence/anything in the area of cutting a wiggly 3 year old's super curly hair?


Curtis Chicks said...

My kids did best sitting on the sink in front of the mirror so they could see everything going on, that way they didn't wiggle.

Other than that, I'd suggest going to a professional or if you know of a friend that cuts hair (I always had my mom so I was lucky).

She's a cutie for sure!

Sarah-Olivia said...

It's actually a good thing that her hair is so curly. If whomever cuts it messes up it is SO much less noticeable with curly than straight hair! I wish I was closer and I would just do it for ya. When I worked in the salon I was THE ONLY one that would do kids hair!! And since I have been out of the salon I have still had an abundance of practice!