Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smarty Boy Owen and Gracie's Nicknames

I can't get enough of this kid.

Consequently, Gracie calls all boys she meets around her age "Owen" and all girls around her age "Lilly" (Owen's older sister).

Females that are older than that can expect to be referred to as "Girl!" "Momma!" or "Gramma!"

Males older than her can expect to be called "Boy!" "Granpa!" or a combination of "Dad" and the person's actual name.

This week, she referred to Wes Johnson as "Cowboy" because he was wearing a hat and never referred to him as anything else, and Lyndsay was always "Momma." Finn went from "Owen" to "Finn" in about one day. She's always asking to go to Finn's house now.

If Gracie knows you well sees you often enough, she's probably got a name for you. For Mike, it's just Mike. He held a special place in her heart from the moment he started playing with her and she cries sometimes if we can only stop to see Mike for a minute and not stay and play. Stephanie is "Momma", naturally.

Gracie likes to single you out and hug you and make you feel special. Her teachers love her and so do the bus drivers and attendants. I love how open she is, but we will soon hopefully be learning about Stranger Danger. She doesn't quite understand that yet.


stephanie said...

gracie is the friendliest kid i know - in a really sweet, loveable way. she can call me momma anytime.

Lyndsay said...

Wow--Owen is super cute! I love his little hairdo, and the way he says "Rolly Polly" is darling!

Finn says "Tsssss" when he sees any bug. :)

Tonight we were in his playroom while I cleaned out and put away a lot of his toys. Finn kept looking around and saying "Gracie?" I love that Gracie called me "Momma" and "Girl" this week. So cute.