Friday, May 22, 2009

Bye Ms. Keller!

Here is Gracie with her teacher, Ms. Keller, on her last day of preschool. I was allowed in for the ice cream party and got to see Gracie attempt to obey her teachers while hopped up on sugar. It was quite chaotic but a lot of fun to see Gracie in her class and point out all her classmates.

I have many more pics of that day to come because she was on a rampage of picture taking. Now, we are currently in Oak City, UT. We left at 3:45 am Thursday morning and arrived early afternoon. I'm tellin ya, it's the only way to travel with a kid on a long road trip.

Meanwhile, Gracie is on cloud 9 with Gram Pam and Granpa and all the aunts and uncles and cousins in one concentrated area she could ever ask for.


Lyndsay said...

We miss you around here. :) Have a blast! I am going to take that advice about the road trip...we are trekking out to Cali soon for a few days, and I am dreading the car ride.

GOGO said...

nice post keep it up