Monday, May 18, 2009

Most Relaxing Weekend Ever

Take a look at our corn! There is an actual stock growing that will have real live corn on it someday. Never mind the fact that our poor corn looks so dehydrated. You really can't miss one day of watering when the temps are above 100 every day.

We try not to pay attention to the news, plus we are really having a lot of fun just hanging out together. Gracie is speaking in almost full audible sentences and likes to add in a random sign from signing time every now and then. It's hilarious.

Robby said his birthday was the best one to date. We did whatever he wanted to, no schedule weighed us down, and some super cool friends offered to watch Gracie for us so we could have dinner together. It was all very lovely.

We have big plans this week. Thursday we will be driving up to Utah for the annual MDB and we'll drive home next Tuesday. We are so excited to see our family and Gracie has been practicing saying everyone's names so she will recognize them. She loves it.

There will be great times had next weekend. I can feel it.


the landreths said...

I wish we were going to the MDB! This will be the first year we've missed in a long time. Have a great time!!

KatieJ said...

The corn looks great- I wish we planted some! I am way jealous you get to go to Utah this weekend- have a great time!

aj said...

so sad to be missing the mdb (but I guess we have an ok reason, right?) wish we were there for the magic show....there WILL BE magic show, right?