Thursday, June 18, 2009

She's Just Hyperactive

Because she will listen to directions when consequences follow without biting or hitting, she doesn't have any form of anything that would require medication in the future.

We went to her pediatrician seeking help and it's a good thing my mind was open and ready to hear constructive criticism because he really layed into me. He is so great, though. He suggested some books, recommended a dentist and told me how to structure Gracie's days so maybe next time she won't tear the paper off the exam table in the doctor's office.

The book he suggested that I'm currently reading is:
John Rosemond's Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children

It's rigid.
It's very no-nonsense.
And it's completely different from
any other parenting book I've ever read.
I haven't decided if that's a
good or bad thing yet but here are the six points;
talk amongst yourselves:

1. Put your marriage first.
2. Expect your children to obey.
3. Establish responsibility by assigning chores.
4. Don't be afraid to tell your children "no."
5. Eliminate unnecessary toys.
6. Encourage creativity by minimizing TV viewing.

It's all very upfront and to the point
but it doesn't account for
a hyperactive child or
a parent with issues.

It will take me some time
to adopt my own method of parenting,
but this guy seems to have it all figured out.

Once I finish the book,
maybe I can form an opinion on
this man and his methods.

I just need to get all the parenting
information into my brain as quickly as possible
so I can formulate a way of parenting that
works for me and my family.

His 80s family portrait
(complete with wonderfully patterned sweaters)
may tip the scales.


Jill said...

I totally suggest the Love and Logic Parenting stuff. There are seminars you and Robby can go to as well as books and stuff online to read. It's pretty no nonsense too. You say things to your child like, "I'm not going to talk to you while you're whining. When you can talk to me in a normal voice, I'll be happy to listen." And you walk away! Awesome huh?! I think it's fantastic. I've been telling Co lately, "I'm not going to argue about that. I've already told you my answer." and surprisingly, he doesn't follow me around whining!

Whatever you decide to do BE CONSISTENT. She has to know what is expected, what her boundaries are, and what the consequences will be so that she can start to make choices about her behavior instead of just being impulsive.

That's my 2 cents. :)

Tiff Moser said...

I believe in consistency. Those rules seem rigid, but it is good for kids to be given boundaries. Just my opinion. You are a wonderful mother and Gracie is going to be just fine. Life is a learning process.

KatieJ said...

Learning as I go here too- my ped really likes John Rosemond too and from what I have read of his articles I think he's a genious. I want to read that book. I really like the Love and Logic stuff too. I think Gracie is normal too, she will be just fine! Consistency and routine are good, as much as I have a hard time sticking to it I know it works when I do!

Tina said...

Ditto..... and AMEN! to all these gals said... I think you're on your way to peace in your home... and one happy little girl, not to mention her parents! xox