Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Traumatic Event

Today, with a little time and a whole lot of being bored, Gracie found a way to play with our fish, Buster.

Robby and I were watching a movie upstairs and assumed Gracie was doing the same downstairs. Then, she sauntered up to my side of the bed and said, "Drink a water?" And I said, "Sure." She knows how to work the faucet and there were plastic cups available to her so I didn't think anything of it.

I heard the water in the kitchen running and guessed that was where she was getting her water from. Then she brought me the first cup of water. It didn't smell good and I thought, "Wow, it's been a long time since I've tried AZ tap water. This is gross."

She pressured me to take a drink so I took a little sip. She repeated this whole process once more until she spilled water in my purse and I decided it was reading and resting time. She went right into her room and that should have been my first clue.

I don't know why I went downstairs but as I rounded the bottom of the stairs to the living room, I saw Buster's tank only half full, water poured all over the carpet in once concentrated area, and no Buster in his tank. This was how the scene unfolded:

Me: "Robby!"
Robby: "What?"
Me: "Buster's gone!"
Robby: "What?" (Goldfish don't run away on their own accord.)
Me: "Buster is missing! There's water all over the carpet! Gracie. . . (gasp!!). . .
Me: "He's laying on the carpet!" (I'm about in tears at seeing his little lifeless body there.)
Robby: "How long has he been out?"
Me: "At least 5 minutes."

Robby then picked up little Buster and he was still moving so we put him back in the tank. He floated upside down for a few minutes while flapping his fins frantically, then he flipped sideways for a while. Now, he's just flapping aimlessly, clearly brain damaged, and still not quite enough water in his body as he struggles to keep his body from the surface.

Only now do I realize that the water Gracie made me drink was straight from Buster's tank. At least I cleaned it a few days ago. But still, feeding your mom fish water, Gracie? Come on!


KatieJ said...

Oh no! That is so funny and gross- I hope you don't get sick! And I hope Buster pulls through- that is so funny.

Mary C. said...

I hope it's okay that we (me and everyone I emailed it to :) got such a big LOL reading this. I hope we're not having too much fun at yours' and Buster's expense. Too funny! Thank you!

Martha said...

I could see Hunter doing this to me also. That is so funny and gross all at the same time. I hope buster pulls through.

Devin and Chelsey said...

hahahaha, oh my goodness, that's aweful. I can't believe that she could even know to do that, let alone pick the tank up to move it. Wow that kid is amazing! Good thing you love her enough to drink fish water. (-;

Tia Langston said...

Hilarious! lol