Thursday, July 30, 2009

And I Quote

Me: "Gracie, I need you to pick up all your toys in the living room."

Gracie: "Mah-om! I. . . I can't try."

Me: "Then you need to go to your room for a time out."

Gracie: "But Mah-om! (Pause.) Wait! I wanna be happy!"

Me: "You can be happy in your room."

Gracie: "No. I wanna be happy!"

Me: "When you're finished with your time out, you can be happy."


Gracie: (Moves right up close to me, and starts tapping me softly on the leg with that little angelic look she has.) "Mom. I don't wanna be sad. I wanna be happy."

Me: (Sigh.) "Me too."

I helped her pick up after that. Now we are best friends.


Martha said...

She is so very cute!!

aj said...

what a sweet 3 year old you have (she's 3, right?)

Lyndsay said...

Heeheee! So cute! I love the "I...I can't try." :)

I MISS you guys!