Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have You Ever Been to a Movie with Gracie?

It's certainly not the picnic you think it might be. Robby and I thought that the dark atmosphere and huge screen would be enough to keep her still and distracted. This was not the case.

People in the theater were shush-ing us about an hour into the movie and we had to leave. It was a whole lot of: "Gracie!" "Sit down!" "Do you wanna go home?" Needless to say, we did not enjoy ourselves.

On the up side, Gracie was free, and Robby and I got two tickets to any other movie, any time, even IMAX (as this was the theater where we attempted this whole stunt). So we got a date night out of it, at least.

Plus, we learned a lesson in understanding Gracie's attention disorder just a little bit more, in terms of what she can and can't handle and what we, as the guardians, can and can't handle.


Sadie said...

NOne of my kids were able to handle a movie in the theatre until after age 3. And Ryder is still iffy. Some kids are just more busy than others. I think Gracie is the cutest ever! I love hearing about all of her antics.

Tina said...

I think you were a little overly optomistic... Little people lose interest quickly in the best of circumstances... turn out the lights and boredom sets in even faster... I think she did good to last a hour!!! I think she's doing better than you think... xox

KatieJ said...

Emma is just barely there this summer- and she's going to be 4 next month. After about an hour she wants to sit on my lap, or get some snacks or go home. I'd wait another year to try taking Gracie!