Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Do You Decorate Things? And Stuff?

I think this current display speaks for itself. I know what pictures I want and what things I'd like incorporated into my home for daily remembrance, but it's purely functional.

I don't know how to put fashion before function. I see what I want, where I'd like it to be, and put it there without a thought for how it might look. This is a perk of owning my own house, but I would really like some beauty and order to go with my beautiful family.

What's happening now is being pulled off because I don't show any insecurities when people come over. And I can continue to keep this eclectic display with pride. But it wouldn't hurt to make it pretty instead of all about the function.

I'd like to think I'm man enough to admit when I need some help. Hence the problem: Living with a boy for me equals boy apartment decorating. It would require my death to leave my boy, so I need to figure out how to be a girl while living with my boy.

We can only live like teenagers for so long, and I think we passed that milestone when we bore children.

So? E-mail me if you are willing to call or come over to help me. I'm all about thrifty shopping, I just have no vision or direction.

Don't be shy. I want constructive criticism.


Jenna said...

Paint, paint, and more paint! It makes the house your own and gives it character. I'm not talking white paint, I'm talking COLOR! I wish I lived there so I could give input, but I would melt in the heat...

Riki Lee said...

I LOVE anything to do with decorating, but I don't think I'm brilliant at it. So some simple things to remember: use matching frames and mats (makes a huge difference); bigger is usually better; group things together instead of scattering; and ditto to Jenna's paint comment.

Riki Lee said...

Also, in this case, I would lower your artwork so that it's closer to the mantle (about 6 inches apart). It will connect the two and make sort of a "scene."

stephanie said...

i just like gracie's hair in this picture.

but also, paint is a good place to start. you need mike.