Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Year Begins

I was so excited when Gracie started making funny faces at the camera.
She's such a ham.

Here, I'm imagining her thinking, "What do you think this tether is all about?"

And off they march to their first day of school.

She dressed herself and preferred the shoes on the wrong feet. There was no talking her into changing that. And, of course, the first picture has the customary water drips on the shirt from brushing her teeth. What child's ensemble is complete without those? She likes to say, after we brush her teeth, "Look, Mama. So sparkly."

From what I've gathered so far, it sounds like the first day was a success.


aj said...

I always loved teaching on the first day of school. I loved how the backpacks always seemed too big. I loved how quiet all the children were. I even loved watching the parents brush a tear away. Hooray for Gracie!

Robin said...

That's so cute. She is standing next to Fyker, who is my new best friend's kid. Click on Little Pieces of Us on my sidebar to meet Kathi who lives right by me. We can have playdates!

I'm glad you are surviving, sorry I couldn't help more the other day.

Robin said...

Ryker, not Fyker. hee hee

Tina said...

That's such a cute idea... gentle persuasion with colorful cord! Is her school everyday? xox