Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goodbye Crib, Hello Big Bed

We got the whole thing for $100 on Craig'sList and poor, sick Robby was forced to do some work with me. How about those brass knobs, huh? I'm not exactly sure when this piece of furniture was popular, but I am reminded of a time where shoulder pads were in and so was big, permed hair.

I think this purchase squashes any hope I had of turning our house around and bringing it into the 21st century. But if anyone has anything cute that they, themselves, would like to come over and do to this bed, they are more than welcome. I don't own paint.

She did great the first night in her bed. She had trouble staying in there at first. It took about three serious attempts.

I felt bad that it took me her third time out of her room for me to realize she was a little wary of the changes made. It was so hard for me when I was little, when anything changed. Seeing her sad little anxious face reminded me of all those times I just wanted my mom to lay next to me.

She wasn't even really sad, but would come set up camp next to me wherever I was with a blanket and pillow. Luckily, I was in the guest room so she layed next to me in there a while. Then, we went and layed on her bed and got all cozy and snuggled in and I sang "Don't You Cry" (what she calls the song my mom made up for us when we were little) until she fell asleep.

We go meet her new teacher tonight and not a moment too soon. She keeps talking about friends and kids and how she wants to go play with them. This week has been like a hangover from the past couple months of grieving and physical torture I've been through. So I'm finding my feet now. And doggonnit, we will find her at least 1 new friend to play with this year!

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KatieJ said...

When it cools down go buy a couple cans of spray paint and take it outside and spray paint it- it will be perfect! If you get bored when she goes back to school you can get fancy and buy some tulle to make a princess canopy for it too.
That reminds me, I never commented on a post you had (forever ago) about wanting help with the pictures on your mantle, I meant to tell you to paint all those frames the same color to make it all "go" together more...