Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Latest Destruction

As an incentive to poop in the potty, Robby and I gave Gracie a stack of books and left her alone in our bathroom to read. We were in our room but the door was closed so she could have her privacy. I heard what I thought was flipping pages so I didn't think to check on her.

In the entire stack of books, there was only one library book. It wasn't like she didn't have options. But I think she has some kind of sensor in her brain that tells her what the most destructive thing she could do is, in any situation.

So she found the library book amongst the others, quietly rifled through our drawers, found a pair of scissors and went to town. I thought it was mostly funny until I scoured the house for scotch tape and found that we had none. A trip to Walgreens was required and we had a lot of pieces to work with that I wasn't sure we would find in their entirety.

Luckily, Gracie cut the pages into neat little strips which made for an easy repair. She also took the liberty of cutting at least 2 slits in the bottom of every other page in the book. Robby and I worked on it for a good half hour and we found all the pieces and everything fit perfectly. The first two pages are held together solely by tape, but it's readable.

The book was returned yesterday and I'm hoping I don't get a call from the library today.


Jill said...

At least she knows how to use scissors and can cut a straight line!

Tina said...

and she has good taste... looks like a really cute book! tee hee!

Jennie said...

I was seriously impressed and interested that she cut in perfectly straight lines! That is pretty amazing for someone her age...really.

Sadie said...

Cutting is so much fun for kids... I give my kids a stack of construction paper and scissors and glue and it keeps them busy for hours. Maybe this will give you new ideas for activities???? ;) I just love Gracie and her zest for life.