Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meteor Shower

Even though it was butt-hot last night at 9:30,
we still took advantage of the alleged "Meteor Shower"
that was supposed to take the world by storm last night.
All we saw were abnormally twinkling stars,
but I guess they were pretty
and I've never seen stars do that before.
I was just expecting a little more bang for my buck.

Today, while Gracie is at school
(or whenever I get around to it),
I'm putting the advice of my wonderfully talented friends
in action and I'm going to spray paint those
hideously unmatched picture frames on the mantle black.
Then, use some other very sound advice to
try and make Gracie's room a little more
organized and pretty.

Wish me luck.
I have no sense of decoration.


Devin and Chelsey said...

I'm not good at decorating either, so good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Mel, remember when you would come to see Kari and your stars were Huey Dewey and Louie? Memories :)
Deb H

Tina said...

Good Luck!