Friday, August 28, 2009

Rocky Raccoon

Gracie has been learning about raccoons in school.

She came off the bus yesterday with her mask on and
thought she was funniest comedian there ever was.
I pretended not to recognize her,
which confirmed her notion that she was, indeed, hilarious.

She wore the mask while we read books that night,
(the tail kept getting in the way)
and right up until I sang to her.

Then, she requested the mask
be set on the chair next to her bed,
and was ready to go to sleep.
So she pushed my arm and said,
"Get out, mama."

I'm pretty sure she meant it with love.


Lyndsay said...

HAHAHAHAA! That's awesome. Finn pushes me and says, "Go Way, Mama!"

Kelsey said...

OK, that first picture is hilarious! It literally made me laugh out loud.

And second, when my mom was here, I was getting ready to go out with some friends, and she was reading stories with the girls in my room. I went in to give them a kiss goodbye, and Leyla pointed to the door and said "GET OUT!" So I left.

Meredith said...

She is sooooo cute!

Tina said...

That's funny! I, too, am sure she meant it most politely!! :>)