Saturday, August 8, 2009

This Brightens My Year

"Prepare yourself for an adventure unlike any you have ever seen or heard. A magical, musical journey into the world of Michael Jackson, MOONWALKER is a feature-length extravaganza that will take you to the next dimension of special effects and thrill you with the most spectacular song and dance productions ever filmed.

"The story is told in the form of anthology of never-before-seen film segments that visualize Michael's music in dazzling new ways:

"Man in the Mirror - a multi-image live performance spectacle
"A Retrospective of 24 Years of Hits - a kaleidoscopic montage of Michael's evolution as a performing artist, from his first moments on stage right up to the present day.

"Badder - a lighthearted new version of the stunning 'Bad' clip--with a cast of amazingly talented child performers.

"Speed Demon - a wild chase scene using CLAYMATION(TM), the Academy Award-winning animation technique.

"Leave Me Alone - Michael's statement about his life and its dissection in the media, blending live action with incredible animation.

"Smooth Criminal - the centerpiece of the entire film, based on a story by Michael in which he plays a superhero who pits himself and all his powers against the evil Mr. Big (Joe Pesci), who is attempting to take over the world by getting kids hooked on drugs. In the course of this battle, Michael transforms himself into a robot and then a spaceship that destroys the forces of evil and then vanishes into the heavens, only to return later for a performance of:

"Come Together - Michael's first live performance of the Beatles classic--his tribute to a cherished musical legacy.

"The Moon is Walking - an epilogue set to this song written and performed especially for Michael by Ladysmith Black Mombazo."

(C)1988 Ultimate Productions

Didn't that just make your day? Huh, Swensen girls? Who else is with me? I can't be the only one who's childhood practically revolved around this video.


Tina said...

I wish I was there with you, but I have to say I'm so tired of MJ that if I never heard another of his songs or even his name mentioned again, I would be ok... I don't mean to be an old poop, but I just can't get too excited about anything concerning him... :>( I think of all the really wonderful people who've contributed so much good to our world and how little notice they receive... and then on the other hand how much to-do is made over entertainers and how they're treated as world heros... I don't see the sense nor logic in it. oh well.... enough of my ramblings.

KatieJ said...

That sounds hysterical! I was an 80's child but we had no cable, and were completely forbidden to watch MJ (or any music videos really) until I was a teenager, and by then I totally didn't get it. My mom was into musicals, Disney and Carey Grant movies so I completely missed 80's pop culture.

Natalie said...

Yah, Jennie got our copy from my mom so she can make us all copies with her DVD player. Thanks for the shoutout! I don't think Brian really believes how much a part of my childhood MJ was. Love that video and I've watched it about a thousand times.

Jennie said...

Like Natalie said-My mom sent me the video and I haven't had a chance to watch it. Thanks for the recap, because I'm excited to do so. This video was a huge part of our childhood!

James said...



Sarah-Olivia said...

LOL!!! I LOVED this movie growing up! My dad showed it to us when I was little and I probably watched it at least a dozen times since. Gabe (my oldest) loves Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" song so someday soon I am showing it to him as he will to his children!