Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Do We Get To See This Week?

Granpa Doctor and Gramma Pam!
And Uncle Phil and Aunt Jenna
and cousins Jack and Henry!
And Aunt Hill and
cousins Lilly, Owen and Tessa!
And Aunt Mary and Uncle Brady
and the little cousin growing
in Aunt Mary's tummy!

We are excited!
Heads up to those who'll be near.
Come to the Lyman Family Game Night!


Leigh Anna said...

Mary is having a baby!!!!

melmck said...

can you hardly believe it?! she's due in february!

aj said...

James, Anjanette, & Jackson.
Don't forget us!
We were so excited to hear you'd be there too.

Tia Langston said...

I wanna see you toooooo! And Yah for Mary! We are having the whole 'another baby?' talk right now in our own house. Love you Mel!

Tina said...

Happy for Mary!!! Way cool!